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"Good food and stories-Holding families together one word one bite at the time, family a safe place in an unfriendly world!"

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Lamb Shanks, Litsa!


Lamb shanks are delicious ,but this recipe is a showstopper for sure and a conversation piece!


Gigantes,Lima beans the Litsa way!


Gigantes, the word means Giants in Greek, and they are, a big giant like bean! We love them, and we use them when we entertain with Meze or a main meal! Very healthy, little bullets of protein! Here is how to make them! 500 grams dry Lima beans 1 bunch […]

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I love the Arts!Litsa!


I came across some beautiful works of Art! I love the arts! Music, painting, writing, and so many gifts we humans possess, we complement one another in an amazing way! Our lives are enriched in so many levels! Imagine, a perfect meal, the music you like and the person you […]

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A good name is worthy of respect!


What is a good name worth! When you start your life, you are a book with blanc pages! Slowly the adventure of life begins, and as you grow your characteristics develop to make you the individual you are! Many of those characteristics are perfect, but some need adjusting, and as […]